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The Reel

Fanvid Review & Rec Community

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Please come back for our vid review challenge sign-up period in December

This community is dedicated to the rec and reviewing of fan vids. This will give vidders some in-depth feedback and promotion of their work, as well as, help viewers locate great vids for their fandom(s).

-- Volunteers and their fandoms will rotate on a monthly basis.

-- In order to maintain the integrity of the community, please do not solicite our volunteers to rec specific vids or vidders.

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-- To have your work reviewed comment with the required info in the VID SUBMISSION post for its fandom.

-- To sign up to be a reviewer and rec-er comment to the appropriate fandom post located HERE. And read the F.A.Q. post found THERE.

-- If you do not see your fandom listed or you have a multi-fandom vid then reply to the Misc & Small Fandom post. If there is enough interest in a particular fandom it will receive its own sign up post.

Please be patient, it could take weeks if not months for your vid to be reviewed, but we have every intention of reviewing it. Vids submitted for review will be done on a first come first serve basis, however, the reviewers will be working within their desired fandoms. Also, please only submit one vid per fandom at a time. Once that vid is reviewed, you are more than welcome to submit another vid of yours to the same fandom.

All reviews will follow a standard format in order to maintain a level of fairness. Please understand that when you submit a vid for review that you will be receiving constructive criticism. We will not tolerate any drama, flamming or personal attacks!

We encourage polite and respectful discussion of the themes, editing, music choice, et cetera... of any and all vids that have been reviewed or rec-ed.

Once every few months a Round-Up post will be made both here and at the vidding community of all the reviews & recs made in this community.

You can also help pimp this community with THESE buttons and bars!

If this User Info doesn't answer all your questions, you can consult the FAQ post, or you can e-mail the moderator at death_is_your_art (@) yahoo (dot) ca

Disclaimer: Ideas and format shamelessly stolen from:
theimc, crack_van, par_avion, and halcyon_shift.